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Indoor Herb Garden Phoenix AZ

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Clemente Design Studio, LLC
(602) 840-2935
3737 E. Turney Ave. --206
Phoenix, AZ

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Dream With Color
(602) 728-0644
17826 N Tatum Blvd
Phoenix, AZ

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Clean Air Lawncare
(623) 444-5505
10014 E Sunnyslope Ln
Scottsdale, AZ

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Biokool, LLC
(623) 932-1522
16121 W Eddie Albert Way
Goodyear, AZ

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Sedona Telestaff
(602) 778-0611
2910 E Camelback Rd Ste 160
Phoenix, AZ

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Growers Market Inc
(602) 237-4820
1150 W Baseline Rd
Phoenix, AZ

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Gardener's World
(602) 437-0700
3401 East Baseline Road
Phoenix, AZ
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Herbs 2 U
(480) 354-6451
Post Office Box 30413
Mesa, AZ

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Sunshine Sprinkler LLC
(623) 214-7848
2019 W San Miguel Ave
Phoenix, AZ

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Villa Decor
(602) 678-4244
7057 N 7th St
Phoenix, AZ

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Growing Herbs Indoors

by Conrad Richter

Everyone seems to want to grow herbs these days. And why not? Herbs pay triple dividends in good looks, good flavors, and good scents. The magic of freshly chopped chives sprinkled over an omelet or soup; the Mediterranean charms of fresh rosemary, oregano, and thyme; the intoxicating aroma of lemon verbena - all make it difficult not to get passionate about herbs. And these rewards aren't limited to the summer garden. Even just a few pots of herbs indoors can supply you with wonderful flavors and herbal gifts through the rest of the year.

Herbs That Grow Well Indoors

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Indoor Herb Gardening

The holidays are a time of gathering together, cooking, and eating. We all have favorite holiday recipes, and wouldn't it be great to spice up these dishes with some fresh herbs? In most regions the herb garden is now dormant, but with a little planning you can grow many culinary herbs indoors this winter. An indoor herb garden is not only functional, it can be attractive and provide a remembrance of summer during the dark days of winter.

Getting the Right Herbs

The first step is to select culinary herbs that will grow well indoors with limited space and light. Chives, parsley, thyme, oregano, basil, and sage are some of the best to try. You can even grow some unusual, small-leaved greens, such as arugula and mache, to complement your winter salads. Most of these herbs grow only 12 inches tall, so they're easy to maintain. For taller herbs, select dwarf varieties, such as 'Spicy Globe' basil, that will fit on a windowsill or under grow lights. You'll get fewer leaves to harvest on dwarf varieties, but the plants are easier to maintain. While some herbs, such as dill and coriander, have edible seeds as well as leaves, don't try to grow them for their seeds indoors. They won't produce enough to make it worthwhile.

Let There be Light

Most culinary herbs are Mediterranean in origin. They need sunshine and well-drained soil to grow best. In winter the days are short, and light intensity is diminished. Even if your plants are growing in a south-facing window and receive six or more hours of sun a day, they still may need supplemental light to keep them short and stout in the dead of winter. Place plants under full spectrum fluorescent or halide lights to provide the right amount and quality of light intensity.

Pots, Soil, and Water

Unless you have a greenhouse or large bay window, chances are you'll be growing your herbs under grow lights or on a windowsill. In either case, there will be limited space, so small pots will be a necessity. Sow herb seeds or set transplants in 3- or 4-inch plastic pots filled with moistened soilless potting soil. Group the plants together in a plastic tray to keep the humidity high. However, if you notice mildew on the leaves, space the plants further apart or use a small fan to provide air circulation and keep the leaves dry.

Most herbs need excellent drainage and grow better when kept on the dry side. Water seedlings by pouring water in the tray and letting it soak into the soil, then draining the tra...

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Planting a Windowsill Herb Garden

by Suzanne DeJohn

Growing herbs indoors on a sunny windowsill can provide a convenient source of fresh basil, dill, rosemary, thyme, and other herbs. With a little planning and some good cultural techniques, your indoor herb garden will thrive.

Tools and Materials



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